We're people (not users) uniting to challenge big tech abuse.

The Big Tech monopolies have conned us into giving “consent” to grow their vast empires of personal data extraction and surveillance. While they make obscene profits from surveilling us, we the people face the devastation of their business model – rising hate, lies, polarisation, and an erosion of our fundamental rights and freedoms. We have to find our way to the original promise of the internet as a force for good – no matter our class, religion, or skin colour. It will take all of us – the People vs Big Tech – to do that. Learn More

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Stop Facebook from Silencing Whistleblower Daniel Motaung

Days after Meta published its first human rights report, an international coalition of more than 80 organisations is demanding the company respect South African human rights defender and whistleblower Daniel Motaung.

Open Letter to President Macron re Sensitive Ads Ban in the DSA

Vast Majority of French People Do Not Want to be Targeted with Online Ads Based on Their Sensitive Personal Data (YouGov Poll)

New polling reveals 70% of adults in France support a ban on the use of people’s sensitive personal data in online targeted advertising.

Fueled by Social Media, Calls for Violence Against Muslims Reach Fever Pitch in India

New research documents the dangerous degree to which hate speech and disinformation on Facebook are thriving. Genocide Watch warns that the “early warning signs of genocide” are present in India.

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