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ESC Big Tech this Black Friday

People vs Big Tech has joined forces with high street brand Lush to raise money for our work to rein in the harmful power of the Big Tech corporations

We have joined forces with high street brand Lush in a continuation of their Big Tech Rebellion, to raise money for our work to rein in the handful of Big Tech companies that have monopolised the Internet with intrusive surveillance, predatory addictive-algorithms, harmful content and echo chambers.

Lush online shops in the UKIrelandFranceGermanyHungarySpainItalyJapanAustraliaNew ZealandUnited States, and Canada will sell a limited edition bath bomb called The Cloud, with 100% of the sales price (minus VAT) will support People vs Big Tech campaigns.

Bathe in the knowledge that your purchase is helping to challenge the power and abuses of Big Tech.

Not only can you support our movement by buying The Cloud bath bomb, but you can also become a part of it. By signing the People’s Declaration, you will join our open network of concerned individuals and civil society organisations working together to challenge the power and abuses of Big Tech.

Lush, a high street cosmetics brand, has taken a stand against Big Tech's harmful business model. They've announced a Digital Divestment roadmap, and are committing to “push back against the stranglehold the Big Tech 5 have on our business, our families and our communities.”

More information about Lush and their Big Tech rebellion can be found here.

Sign the People’s Declaration and join the Big Tech Rebellion!