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Nobel Laureates launch plan to tackle ‘existential threat’ of Big Tech’s business model on democracy

Meta must cease attempts to silence South African whistleblower, Daniel Motaung, say international trade unions, lawyers, writers and campaigners

DSA Reactive: Citizen groups celebrate historic legislation as EU moves to rein in Big Tech

Civil society network People Vs Big Tech welcomes turning point in fight to end toxic business model of giant tech platforms and calls for rigorous enforcement of new law.

DSA Reactive: European Parliament stands up to Big Tech – votes to restrict abusive business model

Civil society network People vs Big Tech welcomes European Parliament’s moves to curtail invasive advertising and block loopholes that would worsen vulnerability to disinformation attacks.

Rohingya Youth Take Complaint Against Facebook Over Human Rights Violations

Zuckerberg Surfs on Pile of Cash on Capitol Reflecting Pool

SumOfUs erects visual protest depicting Mark Zuckerberg surfing on a wave of cash while young women suffer around him; Facebook executives testify at Senate Committee hearing on impact of platform on kids.

EU: Don’t Get into Bed with Big Tech

New “playbook” exposes five key ways Big Tech courts lawmakers, while activist group SumOfUs highlights these “seduction” techniques with a visual protest right outside the European Commission.

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