Are you…

Full of ideas to improve social media?

A believer in the power of film to change the status quo?

Eager to sharpen your skills in campaigning for policy change?

If your answer is yes, join us!


We at People vs Big Tech believe in the power of youth voices to come together to reshape the role of social media in our lives.  In light of an upcoming documentary film about social media’s invasive and extractive nature by Sundance-winner Marc Silver, we’re looking for passionate and dedicated young advocates to campaign to make social media safer, healthier, and more supportive of young people’s lives. 


  • Young people aged 16-25 based in Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Spain and the UK*.
  • Are passionate about making social media and the internet better and safer for all.
  • Have experience championing digital and/or health rights within your community. 
  • Basic knowledge of the European Union and how it functions.
  • Able to attend a three-day creative campaign boot camp in London from 3-6 September 2024. 
  • Proficient English speakers. 

* Note for 16 or 17-year-olds: you must have a host organisation able to accompany you and support your engagement, you will need to confirm this in your application!


  • A public figure: we’re looking for local change-makers.
  • A seasoned speaker: we value authentic voices and will offer training to help you hone your message and your confidence to deliver it.
  • Part of a large/formalised youth organisation: we appreciate grassroots movements!


  1. Join a Creative Campaign Boot Camp: Over three days, you'll collaborate with messaging experts, filmmakers, and artists to boost your skills in media engagement, political advocacy, and narrative development. You'll create a campaign product to present to EU decision-makers.
  2. Advocate with EU Institutions: A delegation of advocates (to be selected during the boot camp) will attend and engage in an EU advocacy event in October 2024.
  3. Feature in a global documentary: Oscar-nominated filmmaker Marc Silver and the Molly vs. the Machine production team will document the boot camp and EU Parliament trip for a feature film, premiering in early 2025.
  4. Champion change in your community: Throughout 2024-2025, adapt your campaign messages locally, partnering with community groups to engage parents, schools, and policymakers. Advocate for a better internet - at film screenings and beyond.


  • A kick-off call to meet the other champions and the People vs Big Tech team. 
  • All-expenses-paid (travel + logistics) trip to London for the three-day campaign boot camp. The same applies if you are part of the EU Parliament delegation.
  • Training in media engagement, political advocacy, and messaging skills from leading experts, activists and creatives. 
  • Opportunity to collaborate with young leaders across Europe and step up your advocacy efforts to the EU level. 
  • A platform to collaborate and champion social media reform with access to a spark fund and regular online meet-ups over the rest of 2024 and early 2024 to support your efforts in adapting the campaign and creating a local movement for change in your country . 
  • A token of appreciation for your participation of £400 GBP total. 


Click here or scroll down to submit your application by July 24, 2024. You will be invited to share: 

  • Written responses to the following three questions (max. 1850 characters per question): 
  1. Please share more about yourself and how you have worked to improve digital and/or health rights within your community.
  2. How may this opportunity boost your current advocacy efforts and help you achieve your future ambitions to improve social media and the internet for young people and others? 
  3. If you are selected, which unique contributions are you bringing to the campaign and youth movement that will be fostered?
  • A link to a short one-minute video where you share more about why you feel it is important that youth voices are heard and young people are involved in policy-making processes to better social media and the internet.
    [Hot tip: we appreciate creativity and authenticity!]