We're people (not users) uniting to challenge big tech abuse.

The Big Tech monopolies have conned us into giving “consent” to grow their vast empires of personal data extraction and surveillance. While they make obscene profits from surveilling us, we the people face the devastation of their business model – rising hate, lies, polarisation, and an erosion of our fundamental rights and freedoms. We have to find our way to the original promise of the internet as a force for good – no matter our class, religion, or skin colour. It will take all of us – the People vs Big Tech – to do that. Learn More

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Prototyping User Empowerment - Towards DSA-compliant recommender systems

A new briefing from a multidisciplinary group of independent researchers, civil society experts, technologists and designers, led by Panoptykon and People vs Big Tech, exploring what would a healthy social network look and feel like with recommender systems that show users the content they really want to see, rather than content based on predatory and addictive design features.

ESC Big Tech this Black Friday

People vs Big Tech has joined forces with Lush to raise money for our work to rein in the handful of Big Tech companies that have monopolised the Internet with intrusive surveillance, predatory addictive-algorithms, harmful content and echo chambers.

Civil Society Organisations Call on EU Parliament to Close Disinformation Loophole

The carve-out for media from for media in the proposed European Media Freedom Act will seriously impede efforts to combat hate speech and disinformation, exposing European democracies to interference from both foreign and domestic malicious actors.

BRIEFING: Fixing Recommender Systems: From identification of risk factors to meaningful transparency and mitigation

Very large online platforms are gearing up to present their inaugural risk assessments to the European Commission by the end of August 2023, as mandated by the new Digital Services Act. This is a critical opportunity to ensure that platforms address the harms connected to their recommender systems as a matter of priority.

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Signed by over 100 organisations that represent more than 71 million citizens across the EU. Learn More .

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