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Fueled by Social Media, Calls for Violence Against Muslims Reach Fever Pitch in India

New research documents the dangerous degree to which hate speech and disinformation on Facebook are thriving. Genocide Watch warns that the “early warning signs of genocide” are present in India.

Facebook’s Climate Commitments Miss the Bigger Picture

As global leaders convene to set stronger emission goals at COP26, a new report reveals the alarming growth of climate misinformation on the world’s most popular platform.

The EU’s Golden Opportunity to Turn Off Big Tech’s Manipulation Machine

How the pending Digital Services Act can address algorithmic harms exposed by Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen.

Tech Whistleblowers Are No Longer Alone

The recently published Tech Worker Handbook offers essential support for individuals considering whether they should come forward in the public interest.

Who Writes the Rules?

6 campaigners highlight marginalised people’s exclusion from the process of writing the rules that govern the online experience.

Toxic Body Image Content for Teens on Instagram

New research exposes the prevalence of Instagram posts promoting eating disorders, plastic surgery, and skin whitening products to young women.