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Vast Majority of French People Do Not Want to be Targeted with Online Ads Based on Their Sensitive Personal Data (YouGov Poll)

New polling reveals 70% of adults in France support a ban on the use of people’s sensitive personal data in online targeted advertising.

MEPs Stand Up to Big Tech with Significant DSA Vote

The European Parliament moves to curtail invasive advertising and block loopholes that would worsen vulnerability to disinformation attacks.

Small Businesses Want EU to Get Tough on Big Tech Ads

YouGov poll reveals small business leaders are uncomfortable with Facebook and Google’s tracking-based advertising

MEPs Must Reject "Media Exemption" Loopholes in the DSA

A proposed "media exemption" amendment will lead to greater online disinformation attacks against EU citizens.

2021: The Year of People vs Big Tech

We take a look back at the origins and key actions from our movement’s first six months – with an eye to what will happen next in 2022.

Whistleblowing Women: How Female Tech Workers are Taking on Big Tech

A roundtable panel examines the unique challenges faced -- and impact created -- by women in tech who choose to come forward.

Big Tech’s Assault on Women

Ahead of the DSA vote, online platform priorities continue to enable rampant abuse, sexism, and racism.

Facebook Turns to Newspaper Ads in an Attempt to Influence the DSA Debate

The tech titan has run print ads worth €6.8 million in Germany alone since European lawmakers began discussing new rules for digital platforms.

Facebook’s Climate Commitments Miss the Bigger Picture

As global leaders convene to set stronger emission goals at COP26, a new report reveals the alarming growth of climate misinformation on the world’s most popular platform.

The EU’s Golden Opportunity to Turn Off Big Tech’s Manipulation Machine

How the pending Digital Services Act can address algorithmic harms exposed by Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen.

Tech Whistleblowers Are No Longer Alone

The recently published Tech Worker Handbook offers essential support for individuals considering whether they should come forward in the public interest.

Who Writes the Rules?

6 campaigners highlight marginalised people’s exclusion from the process of writing the rules that govern the online experience.

Toxic Body Image Content for Teens on Instagram

New research exposes the prevalence of Instagram posts promoting eating disorders, plastic surgery, and skin whitening products to young women.

Inside Big Tech's Lobbying Playbook

A new guide sent to all MEPs reveals what Big Tech lobbyists are saying about the DSA/DMA and why it’s wrong.

Automatic Eyes on Big Tech Lobby Meetings

Recently deployed Twitter bot set to monitor Big Tech’s disproportionate access to EU legislators in the lead-up to the DSA/DMA votes.